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Social Media Strategy Why You Need to Have One

Social media success can sometimes seem like dumb luck. A company just happens to have a video go viral or some celebrity gives a surprise shout out to a brand. While it can be easy to assume that have a good social media presence is all about the right message at the right time, it is actually vitally important to craft a social media strategy.

SEO: Why It Is Important

SEO needs to be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. There is no way around it. If you have a website and use social media, you need to work on your SEO all the time. Here are five reasons why SEO is important for your business.

Why Hiring A Web Designer is Better Than Wix

Unfortunately, website design is a little trickier than you might think. While it might be tempting to just DIY a website with one of these clever platforms, it is actually better to leave that work to the professionals. Here are 5 reasons why is the better to hire a web designer than using Wix.

Why You Need a Business Blog

If your business isn’t using a blog as a marketing tool, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. A blog not only gives you a chance to bring in new business, but it’s also one of the simplest ways to interact with the clientele you already have,...

Get Your Social Media Campaign Started

In less than a decade, social media has grown wildly popular. In fact, 78% of Americans now have a social media account, and for you, that's an opportunity you cannot let go of. Social media is valuable - particularly as a content producer and marketer. No...

Apps to Organize Your Small Business and Your Life

Do you have sticky notes all over your office wall? Maybe it is time to invest in a new strategy in the coming year. At Decatur Digital Solutions, we help businesses organize their website presence, but we also like to provide tips to help you to organize your digital...

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