Website Audit & Analysis

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Is your website effective?

Decatur Digital Solutions, LLC provides website analysis, website audit and review for the Decatur, IL area.  Do you need to know your website analytics? Perhaps you need to analyze or website speed and performance? Or maybe you need to do a full audit of your website? We can help you assess your website’s effectiveness and functionality.

We can install or review your existing analytics to develop a report that meets your needs. We also provide analytics reviews and reports for social media accounts. Google Analytics is our preferred provider of this service.

We can provide your organization with a light copy review of your website to refresh your website’s content, and identify any spelling, grammar or even code errors. As you may already be aware, a character or two can occasionally make it into your plain text copy!

A website audit provides an evaluation and assessment of every aspect of your website to improve its quality. It is easy to forget about a site soon after it is completed, but it is vital that you regular review your website. A website is a communication and sales tool that must be maintained so that it stays effective and useful to all who visit it. An audit by Decatur Digital Solutions is a great way to discover opportunities for improvement on your website. Our standard audit will include a review of:

For more information about our website audit, review or analytics services, or to get a quote, please contact us.