Copywriting, Editing, and Proofreading

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We can write for you!

Decatur Digital Solutions, LLC provides copyediting, proofreading and copywriting services in the Decatur, IL area. A copy editor edits headlines or copy. Copy editing includes checking for grammatical errors, tense, punctuation, capitalization, spelling and ensuring appropriate style. A writer will write or rewrite copy. Rewriting can often introduce new errors. A proofreader reads and marks items for correction on a document.

Whether you need content for your book, business document, newsletter or website, Decatur Digital Solutions can offer copyediting, proofreading and copywriting skills to you. We know that maintaining your organization’s brand and identity is important. We can adhere to your organizations style or voice, and make your text shine.

Some common items clients request for us to produce or review:

We will gladly review requests for other writing, editing or proofreading needs. We aim to provide excellent customer service and quality results. Please contact us for more information or a quote of our services.